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Kalyan 589-2 Open Pass | Kalyan Close Dekho, Kalyan SattaMatka Tricks 22/11/2019 23/11/2019*/ passing record:- */ */ open to close */ 09-09-2019 milan day open **7** pass.

rajdhani day close **9** pass.

supreme day open **7** pass.

supreme day.

You have to play this in strong, open in Kalyan, in open to close (OTC) today’s date 13-07-2018. And in support you have to play 7 and 8. It is based on the whole trick, so if you guys will give some points to make some jodi, those two points have to play more in the close. Meaning of the opening, then close you have to play 100 rupees.

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Weekly Kalyan Chart 18-11-2019  · Recorded by recorder – screen recorder for Android Kalyan weekly chart #Kalyan#satta#matka. Kalyan Matka Fix Jodi Free New Ratan

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